The value of engaging.

Generating initiatives for learning and contributing.

Every day we strengthen our program that includes training, psychological help and improved literacy, guaranteeing not only the creation or enhancement of productive groups, but also their coordination and sustainability.

Productive Units

In addition to coordinating various entrepreneurial groups, united through shared interests, training and complementary skills, we aim to offer struggling community members new and inspiring economic endeavors, plus the tools necessary to position themselves competitively in the local market.

Leatherworking Workshops

We offer leatherworking workshops to young people who have the desire to learn something new and to contribute to society with a new profession.

We provide them with the tools and knowledge necessary to achieve this goal and to smile while they’re working.

Baking and Cooking Workshops

More than just teaching, we form good citizens who, by learning a new trade, find a better path or a new opportunity in life.

We strengthen their love of learning and reinventing themselves along the way.

Entrepreneurship in pictures